Want to buy a UK investment property from Hong Kong

            Considering to buy a UK apartments, house or commercial property?

            Based on your investment strategies, our team of UK property experts will guide you through the process of how to buy a house, flat or commercial property in the United Kingdom and eventually recommend different options for stable rental income or capital appreciation. 

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            How do we help to buy UK Property?

            For those wanting to buy UK property, we help fulfilling four key areas with our SERVICES: 

            You can view our carefully curated high yield property listings and buy a UK house from our handpicked listing. 

            If you wish to find a specific type of house, flat or commercial property, let us be your UK sourcing Agent. We can guide or find you to the right investment project. 

            You can learn the whole process of investing in UK Property by yourself at your own pace; allow us to teach you everything we know with our UK Property eCourse in English or Cantonese

            If you are looking for a reputable and experienced HK based property company to manage your existing project in the UK, our team of experts can handle the process from the pre acquisition phase all the way through to post acquisition.

            What is the UK house buying process?

            Bricks N Mortar was established to help Hong Kong based residents to buy UK houses and apartments. 

            Our on-the-ground property consultants (Sourcing Agents UK)  will make the buying process simple and secure by: 

            • Working alongside with you during process of buying an overseas investment property. 
            • Pointing out potential UK Property trap or scam. 
            • Comparing the different type of overseas buyer UK stamp duty and UK Property Tax. 
            • Evaluating factors that may cause mistakes or unforeseen obstacles.

            Whether you are a significant cash investor or starting with a deposit, we can help you achieve your desired results.

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            Hong Kong company specialising in UK property investments with experts strategically situated across the UK

              Vinod MENON, Evaluator  

              Vinod is a Chartered Accountant from India with nearly 25 years of consulting experience. In 2017, he began his property journey when he undertook a course on UK property investment, conducted by a reputable institution in London.  Continue reading  


              Michael WAN, Strategist

              Michael grew up in the Cotswolds of England. His first property investment was made in London when he was just in his mid-twenties and it gave him his first positive experience in property investment.  Continue reading