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How are we  different?

We are a Hong Kong Company,  specialising in UK property investments with experts strategically situated across the UK.

We are committed to propose only projects that we ourselves believe in.
We will do all the due-diligence, financial and legal to ensure that you are not at any risk. We will conduct surveys to ensure that the property does not have any structural defect

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What we can offer?

As your partner ,  we strategise, define and execute your plan by identifying real estate assets that suit your particular situation, budget and financial objectives.

We source properties that match your requirements,  refurbish them and rent out to achieve your defined cash-flow goals.  Whether they are multi-lets, single-lets, students housing or off-the-shelf properties, we have experts to source them for you either in London or other places in the UK.

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Our Team

Vinod, MENON (Evaluator) 

Vinod is a Chartered Accountant from India with nearly 25 years of consulting experience. In 2017, he began his property journey when he undertook a course on UK property investment, conducted by a reputable institution in London.  He now has a few properties that he has successfully converted into licensed HMO (Housing of Multiple Occupants) houses. With his first hand experience, Vinod now assists his clients in Hong Kong to embark on the same journey. Vinod is a ‘numbers’ man.  He believes that like any other investments, property investments should also be made only when the numbers make sense.  He meticulously calculates his projected returns on investment even before he takes the first step in investing.  More often than not, he is proved right in his investment decisions.

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Michael, WAN (Strategist)

Michael grew up in the Cotswolds of England. His first property investment was made in London when he was just in his mid-twenties and it gave him his first positive experience in property investment. Utilising his extensive background in financial planning, he would like to work with a community of like-minded individuals to build-up a property portfolio whether it is to provide  a stable income for retirement use, an education fund for your children or even to create a property business while still working.

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ON-THE-GROUND Experts in the UK

We work with only the best & most experienced experts...

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