Hennessy Row, Derby

Hennessy Row, Derby

- Net Yield (PA): 6.64%
- £/Sq.ft: £296
- Gross Rent (PA): £9,000
- Net Rent (PA): £8,300
- Beds: 1

GBP£ 125,000 125000.0 GBP GBP£ 125,000

GBP£ 125,000

Not Available For Sale

  • Bedrooms
  • Floors

This combination does not exist.

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Min. Price 最低價格: £125,000
Max. Price 最高價格: £125,000

Completed and in the rental market(已落成及招租中)

Leasehold (租賃權): 250 Years(年)

Flat | Apartment (公寓)

Reservation Fee (訂金): £2,000
Simultaneous exchange and completion (同步交換完成)

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Bedrooms 1 Bed
Floors 1/F