1) Initiate with us 

  • After identifying budge, requirement, and finance options (HK or UK),
  • We will conduct a 3-Ways Online Meeting with our UK property consultant

2) Terms of Engagement 

  • Sign & Accept 'Terms of Engagement' Agreement - 
  • With a retainer fee of £2000 plus VAT.

3) Finance Arrangement 

  • Provide proof of funding. 
  • We could provide support if finance is needed from UK.

4) Search Commences 

  • Call to discuss & shortlisted to around 10 properties for viewing. 
  • Top 2 properties to be recommended

5) Price Negotiation 

  • Our Consultant agrees price parameters with client,
  • And then negotiates with the seller.

6) Conveyancing 

  • We will instruct our appointed solicitor 
  • on behalf of client for legal processing.

7) Exchange of Contracts 

  • After the draft contract is signed by the client and returned with 10% of the value of the property must be transferred to the solicitor.
  • The solicitor will “exchange contracts” with the seller’s solicitor.

8) Completion 

  • Prior to the completion of sale, the solicitor will request the all related funds. 
  • When the sale is completed, property consultant will collect Property's keys from the seller

9) Property Management 

  • IF the property is to be RENTED out, 
  • our property consultant will carry out the full process

Hire our expert team of UK sourcing agents 

to find and source your dream UK investment properties