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The Rosemont, Ealing

The Rosemont, Ealing

- Net Yield (PA): 3.08% - 3.43%
- £/Sq.ft: £987- £1,016
- Gross Rent (PA): £60,000
- Net Rent (PA): £60,000
- Beds: 2 Beds Apartment | 5 Beds House

HKD$ 8,089,763 8089763.0 HKD HKD$ 8,089,763

GBP£ 775,000

Not Available For Sale

  • Bedrooms

This combination does not exist.

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Min. Price 最低價格: £700,000
Max. Price 最高價格: £1,950,000

Under Construction (建設中) - Feb 2024  


Freehold (永久業權)

Flat | Apartment (公寓)
Semi-detached (半獨立屋)

  Purchase Procedure (購買程序)

Reservation Fee (訂金): £5,000
Exchange of Contracts (交換合同): 10%
On Completion (項目落成): 90%

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Bedrooms 2 Bed or 5 Bed